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Add photos to tiled gallery | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding a tiled photo gallery

Ever wondered how to simply and quickly create a tiled photo gallery as on MY AMBER SITE?

We have a plugin for that with which you can quickly add photos, give captions and set a few other parameters, and then you can just add photos to your gallery, the plugin (Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack by Raja CRN) then takes care of the positioning, resizes photos so they will all fit in the rectangle. Just add photos, and that’s it!

You can watch our video on how to add a tiled gallery, or read on below:

To start, go to the page in which you want to insert your gallery, place cursor on the page, and press ‘Add Media’

Add a tiled gallery to your page | Handmade in Europe tips

You will now be taken to your library where you can pick photos, or you can upload new photos to your library. Continue reading