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Tracking visitor statistics with Google Analytics - Handmade In Europe Manuals

Google Analytics

A recent site speed and loading time analysis showed that the visitor statistic plugin I was using was taking up too much time to load, slowing down the site speed significantly, so I decided to look for an alternative.
Most recommended, with the most detailed statistics is the Google Analytics. Together with their Webmaster tools this is the a very powerful information gatherer, which you can use to analyze and modify your titles, descriptions and keywords to optimize your SEO.

What do you need to set up Google Analytics

  • A google mail account
  • Access to your files on the webserver OR (for locally installed wordpress)
  • Admin access to a plugin that can insert the Google Analytics code (I use the header & Footer plugin)

You can start here: http://www.google.com/analytics/ Continue reading

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Compress and resize photos in bulk with free resources

Most of us when visiting a website or webshop want to have the pages loading quickly, anything above 3 seconds is already perceived as being really slow, and will score minus points on your SEO RANKING. The biggest issue of websites is mostly the images and videos that need to load.

To reduce the loading time and save space on your website it is recommended that you crop, compress and resize your photos. Often these are above 1000px and can take up several MegaBytes of space, especially when having professional products photos.
There is no need to have huge photos on your site, (unless offered for printing purposes), most of our own photos used are well under 100kb (= 10% of 1MB). Continue reading

SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) example

To help you get found on the search engines I recently installed the very good SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) plugin of my fellow country-man Yoast.
I was really impressed with this tool, which shows again why the Dutch are so good in Trading, and a weak beer (my opinion) like Heineken is so popular..

Watch the video on how to handle this plugin, or read on below:

This post will explain what the SEO fields in your posts, pages and products are doing there.
First of all: it is all optional, you do not need to use these fields, but I do very much recommend it.

seoWhen you edit pages and posts you will see a new block ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ Continue reading