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Shipping classes set up example

On this post I’m sharing the set up of the shipping classes used for this site, so you have an example to start with for your own shops, and can see screenshots of every screen in the Shipping section of WooCommerce.

If you need visual guidance setting up the basics you can watch our video below, if you already watched this please read on below for more advanced shipping classes settings.

I’ve used 3 different products, small, medium & large, and have set up different shipping to my own country, Europe and the rest of the world. You can use this example to set up your own shipping, and can easily add more shipping areas or classes.
Feel free to add the items in this shop to your basket in different numbers to see how the costs differ if you select different countries in the world.

Setting up the classes


You’ll find the classes under Products – Shipping classes.
I’ve named mine Small, Medium & Big shipments, pretty self-explanatory..

Setting up shipping options

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