SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) example

To help you get found on the search engines I recently installed the very good SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) plugin of my fellow country-man Yoast.
I was really impressed with this tool, which shows again why the Dutch are so good in Trading, and a weak beer (my opinion) like Heineken is so popular..

Watch the video on how to handle this plugin, or read on below:

This post will explain what the SEO fields in your posts, pages and products are doing there.
First of all: it is all optional, you do not need to use these fields, but I do very much recommend it.

seoWhen you edit pages and posts you will see a new block ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’

  1. This is what Google will display on their search results (you can change this!)
  2. You want to set a keyword, which is what Google will look for when people type this in, make this relevant, short, and related to your product. Try to use different keywords on different posts/pages and products. It will tell you underneath if you are using the keyword correct. Don’t worry to much on getting everything green, keep things natural!
  3. You can change the title (the big link in blue on top), 90 characters is the display field, and you will be warned if you use too much. Try to fill up as far as you can though.
  4. Meta description is the bit under the link with what the post/product is about. 156 characters will display. If the default is already good you can leave as it is. Try to get the keyword in there again, preferably as much in the beginning as possible.

You really don’t have to fill this in, but it is recommended for your search results.

The general page is the most important, but the other tabs, Page Analysis, Advanced and Social are very useful, you can mark the post as ‘no-index’ so Google will skip the page in case you don’t want to be found, the analysis page will tell you what is good or not with some tips to fix (again, don’t go nuts trying to get everything green, really not necessary!), and on the last tab for social you can give different titles and photos in case your post or product gets shared on these platforms.

Hope this helps, see also our POST ON SEO HERE