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Product attributes – variables

If you have a product with different versions (colour, size etc.) you can provide these in a drop-down to your customers.

Watch the video, or follow the steps below the video:

var1Start by selecting ‘Variable product) in the dropdown.
You’ll note that both the price in the general tab will dissapear, and shipping will change.


var2Now go to the attributes tab (1), and click on the ‘Add’ button (2) to add your options.





var3Give your variation a name (1), this is what the customer will see next to the dropdown to select. In the variation box enter the different options, divided by the pipe symbol |, e.g. Blue |Black|Green. Every one will be a single value in the dropdown box, and can have different prices and shipping costs.
Check the box marked ‘Used for variations’, and hit the Save attributes.

Link variables | Handmade in Europe

Now go to the next tab ‘Variations’, select the ‘Create variations’ from the dropdown. Click ok on the pop-up messages, and you will get separate blocks for every variation option.
Expand the blocks and enter info as needed. Only the price is obligatory, but you can also enter stock options, different shipping opions, etcetera.


You can see you have different blocks now (1), and you’ll have to specify the price(2) for each item.

If you have set the shipping class in the shipping tab you can use the same here, or specify an unique class (3).

You can set the stock for each individual option, and also mark the individual products as out of stock (4).

Mind that you’ll need to enable the manage stock option on the left, which is also where you can enable or disable the single variable option, in that case they will no longer be visible for the customers.