Basic dashboard settings | Handmade in Europe

Logging in and dashboard

Basic dashboard settings | Handmade in Europe

Log in to your dashboard using the URL given with your unique shop name, name & password.

  1. This shows your unique shop name
  2. This is where you can add products & posts, add coupon codes, and load photos to your library
  3. The sidebar gives all options on settings for your site
  4. You can verify the total space for your site, and what % has been used so far
  5. Any new comments waiting for approval are here, you can approve, mark as spam, or delete.
  6. On every page there is Help available, which gives you tips and links to the official WordPress help files.

You can view our video on how to get started on your dashboard, and how to navigate and find things there:

Do mind that you can change the view of your dashboard, this can vary depending on your settings. Also when plugins update you may get a different view, just hit the dashboard menu item again to see the standard view.
Also mind the little arrows next to the titles with which you can open or close the options.