Import your email in Gmail

Do you have a private email linked to your website, but don’t want to use different applications and mailboxes to check your email adresses?
Here’s how you can import your email in Google email, and use Gmail to send from that mailbox.
There is a maximum of 5 external email addresses you can add.

Open your Gmail, and go to settings (the wheel at the top right)

Import email address in Gmail | Handmade In Europe

Choose the Accounts and Import tab.

To import (receive mail from that mailbox) click on the ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own.
Fill in your mail address, and click next, you’ll get below screen:

Import mail (POP3) to Gmail |

Fill in the username, password and POP server to be used.
Other options are VERY handy:
-Leave copy on server. Means the mail will be available through webmail at all times, or can be imported to other server still. Not recommended because webmail boxes mostly have a limit, and will fill up quickly, better to import and save in Gmail.
-Alway use secure: if option is available: yes. You will have to change the port. Not always supported.
-Label incoming messages: recommended. You will instantly see what mailbox themessage was sent to.
-Archive: Unless you check your archive folders not recommended, you will not instantly see the new mail then.

Click ‘Add account’, and you’re done for the import!

To send mail using this account use the ‘Add another email address you own’ under Send mail

Import email address in Gmail | Handmade In Europe

Name is free to choose, and not your login. fill in email address, and uncheck alias, and go to next step.

Import email address in Gmail | Handmade In Europe

These settings can differ per provider, for Handmade In Europe sites we use SMTP port , with secured SSL settings. Click ‘Add Account’, and if all is correct you will be asked for a verification code, which will be sent to the e-mail address specified.
Check the email inbox for the verification code (I use webmail for this in a separate window so can leave the verify window open) , enter this in the window, and save.

Delay on incoming mails

Mind that Gmail checks every now and then, so incoming mails may seem to have a slight delay. After you added the email you can check when Gmail checked last, and force to check immediately.

Mail import, force Gmail to check directly | Handmade in Europe

And that’s it!