Add and edit pages | Handmade in Europe

Editing your pages

Your pages and menu have already been set up for you, including an about you, blog & contact page.
All  pages you can change, including the title, the menu will then adapt automatically.
Note: Your shop and shop-pages are shop, cart, check-out and my account, and you should not rename these, as then your shop will no longer work!

Add and edit pages | Handmade in Europe

  1. To see all pages, hover over ‘Pages’ in the left bar, and choose ‘all pages’ or click op ‘Pages’
  2. You can instantly see if anybody left a comment on any page
  3. Hover over the page title to get the option to Edit, Quick Edit, remove or view the page directly
  4. As is mostly the case there is help available from the Help menu in the top right

Note: If you are logged in you will also have an Edit link at the bottom of the page when viewing, or at the black bar on top.
Add and edit pages | Handmade in Europe

  1. Title: You can change this if you like. The menu will change accordingly.
  2. Use these icons to mark up your text in the body. If you see only a single row use the toggle icon to show all. You can align text, make it bold, a different colour, add links… simply select a bit of text to mark up, and press the related icon to change the appearance.
  3. This is the body of the text. You can add photos, youtube video’s, links… and write about yourself.
  4. To add photos click ‘Add media’ to choose a photo from your library, or to upload a new item.
    See also next paragraph about adding media.
  5. Mind that you can change the status of your pages, products and posts. Here is where you can set them to draft, protect them with a password or set them to private. You can also schedule them to be automatically published on a later date or hour. After the first save you also have an option to see earlier versions, and to revert to these if needed.
  6. You can change the view of the page by choosing a different template here. Choices depend on your theme, and mostly will include a full page with no sidebars if you do not want to show these.
  7. When typing WordPress regularly saves automatically, but not the full page. Please do not forget to press the Update button regularly to save the page!
  8. If you do not see the images and text you might be in text-mode. This is where you can enter HTML code, like embed codes for you-tube video’s, or solve some small lay-out problems in case you have some coding knowledge.
    You can switch from visual to code view here. Sometimes wordpress switches automatically…

Tip: If you want to change an image in the text, just click on the image, a little bar with alignment options will open, and you can drag the corners to change size, or drag the image to another position.

Note: If you would like to have additional pages you can make these yourself, to add these to your menu please contact us and we’ll do this for you.