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Bulk Edit, Help, Screen options

Recently I had to change a big amount of items and posts.Nothing big, but they had to be assigned to a different category, and, since WooCommerce now has more options for shipping I wanted to change the profiles attached to a whole bunch of items.

You may have noticed that since the last updates international shipping has profiles so you can assign eg. big, medium & small profile prices, AND you can assign a price for when you forget to set a profile, really great stuff!

Anyway, I rediscovered how handy the bulk edit, help & screen options were in WordPress, and since these are not very obvious you can look at my screens.

Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

A huge time-saver, the bulk edit option

Whether you want to change something on all pages, posts or products, the bulk edit is there for you. Select all posts, pages or products you want to change, or select all with the check box on top, select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down, and press apply.

Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

Select the bulk edit changes you want to make, and hit apply

The Bulk Edit changes you can make depends on whether you have products, posts or pages. You can change categories, tags, shipping profiles, prices, stock options (very handy for when you go on holiday, set all to 0, and make sure that ‘Hide out of stock’ is not selected in the WooCommerce product settings, this way they are all visible, but cannot be ordered, and Google still sees them!) and a lot more. You can also set products on sale in bulk, and change the author. All on a whole lot of items at once, with a few simple clicks.

Bulk edit options, screen options | Handmade in Europe

Check screen options for visible fields

Now by default not all fields may be visible for you, and the screen shows 20 items per page by default. If you have a few 100 items, and still the filter you can set on top is not enough to display all items for bulk edit on 1 page you can increase the number of items per page under the screen options. You can find the screen option on the top right on your dashboard, it will pop open when you click on it. You can select to see different fields, again it depends on the item, posts, products and pages all have differences here. Once set it will always show or hide the option.
Note: the more items you have, the longer the update may take. Up to 50 should be ok still.

Wordpress help options | Handmade in Europe

The Help function will display help and links according to the page you are on

And the last tip. I am documenting many options for you, and add these to our ‘How To’ articles, but WordPress itself is very well documented, and the community is amazingly helpful. Under the help button (on the top right on your dashboard again, light grey, not very obvious) you will find help, and this according to the page you are working on. If you are on a post it will give you basics on Post editing, and provide links to further documentation on Posts.
If you are in your media library, uploading photo’s or so, it will provide help on Images, galleries and more photo related content. I use this quite a lot..

Just thought I would share these 3 great time savers and handy tips to work more efficiently with your wordpress site. I’m always happy to answer any other questions you have with regards to your Handmade in Europe shop!

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  1. Anda

    This is really cool Heyme!
    Thank you for sharing! I don’t have a shop on my site yet, but I intend to do it, sooner or later! Actually that’s why I bought a domain and host for. But right now I got overrun by the whole blog challenge and postpone the personal shop.

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