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Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

EU VAT compliance: Downloadable product settings

Handmade in Europe is set up with the EU Vat compliance plug in, so sellers can set up downloadable products such as PDF tutorials and photo prints.

There’s a few things to set up in your WooCommerce settings, and then the rest is automatic, customers will be sent a download link on check-out, and all orders will be saved in a single VAT tax report for the EU VAT submission.

A few things to pay attention to:

Setting up EU VAT rates

Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

Import EU VAT Tax rates

Just a single press on a button will import the current EU Tax rates. Visit your WooCommerce settings page, check the Tax tab, and under the Standard rates you will have a button ‘Add/Update EU VAT rates. Click once and they will all be added for you. Save. Continue reading

Have a nice holiday | Handmade in Europe

Holiday mode

It is that time of the year again… putting your webshop in holiday mode is a FAQ.
There is no single button to get this done, and depending on your wishes there are several methods to get your WooCommerce shop into holiday mode.
You can just put up a notice that you are on holiday on top of your shop, and add a note in the footer of the automatic mail that is send out when people order, this is just 2 steps, and will leave all listings available (good to retain Google ranking).
There is also the option to get all items out of stock for the period, you can leave them all visible, but there will be no buy-button. This might be confusing for visitors though, and people may not return.

Method 1: Putting up a notice on top of your shop

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Adding a simple category menu on your WooCommerce Shop page | Handmade In Europe tips & tricks

Add a simple category menu

On Handmade In Europe the categories have already been pre-defined so in the future we can automate a search on categories, and have these shown in different site sections.

In case you have different products you can make your own category menu appear on your shop page, this will work within your shop only, and will help your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

Adding a simple category menu on your WooCommerce Shop page | Handmade In Europe tips & tricks

To start you need to be logged in to your site. If you visit your shop page click on the ‘Edit Page’ link at the top. Continue reading

Add photos to tiled gallery | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding a tiled photo gallery

Ever wondered how to simply and quickly create a tiled photo gallery as on MY AMBER SITE?

We have a plugin for that with which you can quickly add photos, give captions and set a few other parameters, and then you can just add photos to your gallery, the plugin (Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack by Raja CRN) then takes care of the positioning, resizes photos so they will all fit in the rectangle. Just add photos, and that’s it!

You can watch our video on how to add a tiled gallery, or read on below:

To start, go to the page in which you want to insert your gallery, place cursor on the page, and press ‘Add Media’

Add a tiled gallery to your page | Handmade in Europe tips

You will now be taken to your library where you can pick photos, or you can upload new photos to your library. Continue reading

Picasa folder view - select all

Compress and resize photos in bulk with free resources

Most of us when visiting a website or webshop want to have the pages loading quickly, anything above 3 seconds is already perceived as being really slow, and will score minus points on your SEO RANKING. The biggest issue of websites is mostly the images and videos that need to load.

To reduce the loading time and save space on your website it is recommended that you crop, compress and resize your photos. Often these are above 1000px and can take up several MegaBytes of space, especially when having professional products photos.
There is no need to have huge photos on your site, (unless offered for printing purposes), most of our own photos used are well under 100kb (= 10% of 1MB). Continue reading

SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) example

To help you get found on the search engines I recently installed the very good SEO (Search Engine Optimalistation) plugin of my fellow country-man Yoast.
I was really impressed with this tool, which shows again why the Dutch are so good in Trading, and a weak beer (my opinion) like Heineken is so popular..

Watch the video on how to handle this plugin, or read on below:

This post will explain what the SEO fields in your posts, pages and products are doing there.
First of all: it is all optional, you do not need to use these fields, but I do very much recommend it.

seoWhen you edit pages and posts you will see a new block ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ Continue reading

Understanding the grouping of products

There is a good way to show additional fitting items in your shop, so when people view your product you can offer the similar products, or products that fit with the item you are selling. There is the up-sells and cross-sells option for those, because the ‘related products’ showing at the bottom is.. well.. irregular, and sometimes not very related at all.

I am going to give an example using bhbkidstyle her shop, she is selling kids’ costumes, and you can get masks, tails or wings separately, but she also can offer them as a set.


pruductslinked Items linked as up-sells with a product will appear on the same page as the parent product, with a caption of ‘You might also be interested in…’.
In case of BHBKidstyle, if she is offering a tiger mask she could link a tiger tail with the product, and it would appear on the same page.
To link items you start on the product page , under product data you’ll find the tab Linked products. Continue reading

Shipping classes set up example

On this post I’m sharing the set up of the shipping classes used for this site, so you have an example to start with for your own shops, and can see screenshots of every screen in the Shipping section of WooCommerce.

If you need visual guidance setting up the basics you can watch our video below, if you already watched this please read on below for more advanced shipping classes settings.

I’ve used 3 different products, small, medium & large, and have set up different shipping to my own country, Europe and the rest of the world. You can use this example to set up your own shipping, and can easily add more shipping areas or classes.
Feel free to add the items in this shop to your basket in different numbers to see how the costs differ if you select different countries in the world.

Setting up the classes


You’ll find the classes under Products – Shipping classes.
I’ve named mine Small, Medium & Big shipments, pretty self-explanatory..

Setting up shipping options

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