Create tiled gallery step 2 | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding images and media


Adding images can be done from the library (from Media in the left menu), or when editing a page or a post with the ‘Add Media’ Button at the top.

See the video for a 5-minute overview, or read on below:

Adding media to posts and pages | Handmade in Europe

  1. There is a tab on top to show all items, or to upload new.
  2. The URL should stay unchanged, this is the link to the item. You can copy and past this link in a post or page though if you want to link again (very useful for documents). Title and such are optional, but can be used for searches later, and google finds you with this, recommended to fill in, and also the Alt Text.
  3. All items can be found here, select an item to show the properties on the right.
  4. Display settings: You can set default alignment (left or right from text, or none, which means text will not be next to file (can also be set different in individual posts).
    Link to will make the image a link, so when you click on it it will open just the image (I turned most off, set to none).
    Also size can be set. You can still change all options after you inserted an image in a page, just click on the image and a little bar will open above.
  5. Search box to locate images. If you give your images recognizable names you can quickly locate these with this.
  6. To create a photo gallery to insert in your posts and pages please see our insert photo gallery manual.

Notes: I do try to keep the image size low for faster loading. Preferred is 800px wide for most images. SEE HERE on how to compress, resize and watermark images in bulk.
You can link to external photos or documents using their URL.
You can insert video’s too, but this will quickly take up all your space on the site. Preferred is linking to YouTube video’s using the Embed Code, which can be inserted when being in Text mode on a page or post.