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This site is set up for Handmade in Europe site owners, but anybody looking for WordPress manuals and tutorials is welcome to here, there’s no secrets, and lots of tips & tricks and how-to’s we don’t mind sharing at all, wordpress is a community effort after all.

We have set up this test site full of Tips & Tricks on WordPress and WooCommerce options so which you’ll be able to see how things work for yourself, sometimes a visual overview may help you understanding the options for setting up and configuring your own shop.

Our main help & manuals on setting up your shop are here >>

I’ve added a few products on this site, which you can add to your basket and check the shipping yourself. You can add as many items as you like, I have small, medium and big items set up, and have made A BLOG POST sharing the set up of the shipping options, which will be sufficient for most shops.

There’s many practical info and Tips & Tricks on the different WordPress and Woocommerce options, and how to make these work best for your shops.

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If you need more business orientated help on promotion, targeting and PR check our blog on handmade in Europe main site.