February 1, 2015

Selling on HIE

Our offer in short: When you want to start selling on HIE we’ll provide you with your own website, including an about page, blog and fully functioning shop, on which you can adapt, add and edit all posts, pages and shop products. For just 12.50 euro/month, no strings attached.
Standard your shop URL will be something like www.handmadeineurope.com/YourShopName, but we also can link your own domain name to your shop, like www.YourShopName.com.

You’ll be able to choose from a few different standard design templates, which can be completely adapted to your own colour schemes, using your banners, logos and can be branded just as you like it:

What do our designs include?

  • The designs are fully responsive, and will display equally well on PC and mobile devices
  • Your own banner will be placed in place of the Sample banners.
  • Photo gallery page included
  • Blog page included
  • About page included
  • Colours of buttons, links, background can all be adapted to your preferences.
  • No limit on products
  • Monthly fixed fees, no listing fees, no percentage on sales
  • Standard we have a 200MB limit on the sites, which should be sufficient for your first 100 to 150 products. We can extend the space for an extra fee if needed.
  • Social share buttons included, these will automatically be added to your posts & products
  • Subscribe field included to keep up your own mailing list
  • Shop includes coupon codes, shipping profiles, supports variations (eg. colour options), stock management, tax options, different currencies, reports, and a standard Terms & Agreements page with the EU regulations already added.
  • Different payment options included, paypal, bank transfers, free shipping on high value orders etc.
  • Categories are pre-defined, and used for promotion on our main platform page, facebook page & pinterest
  • You’ll get your own board on our pinterest page, plus access to the public board
  • You will deal with the customers directly, and will be paid by them directly, no in betweens.
  • And more…

Free Skype training session included

We published many manuals on how to edit your pages and posts, and how to set up your shop HERE, but if you are not used to WordPress the options can be a bit overwhelming at the start.

To get you started selling on HIE a 1-hour training session will be included, in which we will visually run you through all options, you’ll be rolling in no time after that. Of course we’ll be available for help after that too, and have A LOT OF TIPS & TRICKS , some including video manuals so you can learn as you go, most how-to questions are addressed there. And of course we’d be happy to help out whenever you get stuck. Really. Our strength is fast and excellent support, we like to think this makes all the difference.

Monthly fees:

  • 12.50€ /month for a standard shop with regular URL under www.handmadeineurope.com
  • 15.00€/month for a standard shop with your own domain name. If you don’t have your domain name registered yourself yet we can register and host your domain name for you, in this case a one-time fee of 25€ extra will apply. If you have your own domain name already we will link this for free, and our standard fees will apply.
  • 20.00€/month for a supply shop (does not apply for handmade supplies, these fall under standard shops)

Additional options:

  • Extra 200MB space – 7.50€/month
  • We can design your banner – 25€ one-time only
  • Switch to a different theme template – 12.50€
  • Extra pages and features are possible, costs depend on request and technical requirements

Pay for 6 months and get 5% off, or for the year, and get 10% off!