January 31, 2015

Join us!

Open your own webshop on Handmade in Europe

Handmade in Europe is a curated site, where we present personal websites of artists from all over Europe, producing handmade, unique goods.
We like to offer quality over quantity, and therefore we pick the artists on our platform carefully.

Are you an European artist, would you like to present yourself online, and open a webshop? Then inscribe and join us, and open your shop the next day!

Before you can join we ask shops to submit below form to us, with a short description, and examples of some works.
We will carefully consider every application, and will give feedback within the next 24 hours normally, which in case of dismissal will include tips & tricks on improvement needed before the shops can join.

Please give us a short description of yourself and your products.

You can provide links to existing content, like an Etsy shop, facebook pages, anything that will show your work:

In case you have no online examples of your work you may upload a document with an example and description of your work.