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David Bowie, my big source of inspiration in life

David Bowie. R.I.P.

Those who  know me or read my about page will know that music is a huge part in my life. A lot of this is due to David Bowie. So today I am sad. He was my hero for much more than a day.

David Bowie & Iggy Pop, page from Songs of David BowieI finally managed to learn to play the guitar when I got a present from my girl friend then, the songbook of David Bowie. The photo on the left is a page from that same book, showing David Bowie and Iggy Pop on the red square in Moscow. I managed to get the signature from Iggy Pop when I was playing with Kiss My Jazz on the Dour festival, where he was playing also. I was still waiting for an opportunity to get David Bowie’s signature on there. Too late now…
Maybe nice titbit to know: China Girl is a song written by Iggy Pop. And Lust for Life is a song written by David Bowie.

First song I could ever play on the guitar was ‘Five Years’, from his epic album Ziggy Stardust.

I never figured out why my guitar parts never sounded right when playing David Bowie covers, until I tried out a 12-string. Now I have 2 of them 🙂

I left my studies to become a musician because playing music made me happy, and succeeded to live off music for the next 10 years or so. Doing lots of David Bowie covers along the way.

When I walked out on my ex I took only 3 things with me. 1 was my guitar. One other thing was the double-sleeved vinyl version of Aladdin Sane.

At some point in my early 20s I had taken up pencils and watercolors. I was never too original, so I discarded that bit later, but I still have my inspired attempts on Bowie.

I loved his diversity, his uniqueness, his daring. Damn, that man was sexy!

I have played lots of his songs over the years. You can hear my recording of Lady Stardust, a song I think pretty much describes Bowie in his top years, under this link here.

I’m playing David Bowie now. My life would have been quite different without him. Much more boring.
Finally, that’s enough from me. Back to the man. R.I.P. while we rock on a little.



15 thoughts on “David Bowie, my big source of inspiration in life

  1. I have that songbook too…never had a guitar though, I used to play the piano. And funny I missed Iggy when he came to the Dour festival (I lived in Dour back then)…I had left for LA the day before…

    1. Just saw your blogpost. Loved the quote! And you missed me playing too by 1 day, so funny!

  2. Not a fan but for those who are, and there are many, a sad day today!

    1. There’s hardly posts of anything else on my Facebook feed today, indeed many….

  3. Like Estella, I’ve never been a fan, I think it’s just not quite my generation.
    But your writing about him and the link between his music and yours is very touching.
    I also quite like your paintings/drawings!

  4. It is a sad day! David Bowie is part of my life too, the soundtrack of many years, songs played and replayed endlessly… and to be listened to again!

  5. Those painting are very good, Heyme!

  6. I was fun and it is a sad day indeed…

  7. Sad day indeed. RIP David

  8. So sad to hear the news about David Bowie today. I think you captured him beautifully in your art, Heyme.

  9. Although I didn’t grew or listen much of his music I admired him for it’s originality and I definitely think that the world has lost a great man!
    PS: your drawings are amazing! you are really talented! I would love to see more :)!

    1. Thank you Anda! Most of my drawings have gone lost, still have a few somewhere, so maybe later…

  10. That’s a beautiful post Heyme! I was a fan, it’s a sad day…

  11. Sad day from all fans!

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