Win a shop on Handmade in Europe


If you are an European artist, if you would like to have your shop and your blog on Handmade in Europe, if you like saving money and if you think contests and competitions are fun, this is the right place and time for you to be.

It takes as little as sending photos of your work to us (not more than three) to get a chance of winning 5 months’ free subscription (next to the usual one month free trial, so you are going to get 6 months for free all together) for a shop and a website on our platform.

Also, don’t forget to let your friends know about the contest, maybe they would like to take part in it as well!


The rules of the contest are really simple:

  • you send up to 3 photos of your work to adminathandmadeineurope.com. The photos can be submitted until Friday, 17.04.2015,  24.00 CET; Edit: we were asked kindly to extend till Sunday evening, so deadline for photos is now Sunday 19.04, 24.00h
  • the photos have to be jpg files of good quality, not smaller than 800×600 pixels
  • the titles of the photos should consist of your name and the title or description of the work presented;
  • on Monday, 20.04.2015 all the submitted photos will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE in one album and the voting will start;
  • every like of a photo will count as a vote;
  • the winner will be the owner of a single photo that will get the most likes;
  • if there are more photos with exactly the same number of likes, extra voting will take place just for those photos;
  • the voting will start on Monday 20.04.2015, 12.00 CET and it will end on Friday, 24.04.2015, 24.00 CET
  • in case an additional voting is necessary, it will start on Saturday, 25.04.2015, 12.00 CET and end on Monday, 27.04.2015, 24.00 CET;
  • the winner will be announced the next day after the voting is closed.