Handmade In Europe, unique platform for European artists

Welcome to Handmade in Europe! If you are a person loving unique and beautiful things, this is exactly the place where you should be.


  • in the first place HIE is a community of a lot of wonderful people: artists, designers and creative individuals, those who sell and those who buy;
  • HIE is a place where we do our best to support and promote the best of European artists and craftsmen;
  • HIE is a source of many creative ideas;
  • it also is a place where a lot of useful marketing tips can be found;
  • altogether, HIE is the place to be whether you want to buy or sell beautiful and unique handmade items, meet interesting people or learn some new creative skills.


  • HIE is not just another online marketplace for handmade things (because it is so much more!)
  • HiE is not an outlet for resellers
  • it is not a venue for selling cheap imitations of branded products nor copies of artwork

Our mission

The idea behind HiE is very simple. We want to create space for the artists and designers which they can use in the most creative ways using the tools we have prepared for them. We want artists to be heard and seen, and we want them to successfully sell their artwork. We want them to speak in their own voices and we are here to help.

Our other goal is to help the audience in finding the coolest and most unique handmade things that they can buy (or simply enjoy looking at).

What can we do for you

If you are an artist or a designer, we will provide you with your own space and all the tools an artist needs to make, market and manage a creative website. You will get a built-in store, image galleries, a blog and marketing tools, all ready for you to use. You can use an URL on HiE (like handmadeineurope.com/yourname), or we can set up your custom URL if you prefer (like yourname.com). And HiE won’t take any cut on your sales, we work for a small flat fee that you can check out in our PRICING OFFER.

If you are a seller of art and craft supplies, you also can open a shop on HiE. You will get the same set of tools the artists and designers are getting.

If you are a person looking for unique handmade items to buy, we have a wide range of shops selling good quality handmade products for you to choose from. Take a look at the SHOPS ON HiE page and start browsing.

What makes us different

Because we don’t want HiE to become overflown with poor quality products we decided only artists and designers representing high artistic level can be a part of HiE. We do realize this will have an impact on the number of people working with us but that’s ok. We put quality in front of quantity and we are proud of it.

We have experience not only as artists but also in managing our own brick-and-mortar art gallery. We see the problems a lot of artists are facing and we know they need both good promotion and some protection on the aggressive market. This is why we decided to work only with people who meet our expectations as to the artistic level of their work, we don’t want the artists having their shops on HiE tot have to compete with cheap products of poor quality.

What also makes us different is that we only work with artists based in Europe. Because we are quite convinced an European platform will work for them better than a global one (and better than a local one as well).

How to join

If you are considering joining HiE and doing your arty business with us, please go to the JOIN US page where you will find all the information needed. We hope to work with you soon!