Set up SSL security on your website

SSL security on WordPress, switch to HTTPS

This year we started with offering SSL Security on our wordpress installations. There’s a few reasons for that. Besides the obvious, which is to provide additional security and encryption, we also learned that Google will rank HTTPS over HTTP. And since my customers ask us a lot to help out and advice on their Google ranking this is enough of an incentive to start rolling out SSL security.
This article explains the steps to take with your WordPress installation after you get the SSL certificate installed. It does not cover the SSL certificate installation on your domain, you will need to contact your hosting for that.

Below the steps you need to take to do the switch yourself manually, without the need for any plugin.
After I figured this out I was looking for the way to do this on a WordPress Multisite installation, and ran into a plugin which could have saved me all the effort: Really Simple SSL by Rogier Lankhorst. If you want your full site secured, all pages, then this plugin will do it for you with a single click. No hassle.

Switching WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS