Why your website needs to be mobile friendly

I have some statistics for you again today to show you why you really should make your website mobile friendly. I knew that more people surf with mobile devices (phones & tablets) nowadays. This happened gradually, by the end of 2014 the tipping point was reached, and then breached in favour of mobiles. Since both Google & Facebook give me information on what device their ads are shown, and I have run a few Facebook ads and Google ads over the last 2 months I can now share the results with you on mobile visitors versus PC visitors.

Mobile friendly statistics

Above was a 14-day page boost for facebook. Europe only, all ages groups. 75 versus 25% on PC and mobile. But.. 60% versus 40% on positive reactions from a mobile. These were mostly between 25 and 30 years old.

Why you need your website to be Mobile friendly

But then.. above a post boosted over the weekend only. And aimed at paper art, graphic design. Interest group was under 45 mostly. Seems hardly anyone of these uses the PC in the weekend?