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Kristina Secinski of 5Plus | Handmade In Europe

Kristina Secinski lives and works in Bulgaria, where she makes high quality handbags and fashion accessories using leather, cotton, linen and wool, all by her own design, under the name 5PLUS. She was educated and worked for years in graphic design. But then something happened:

“A couple of years ago I was searching for a unique present for a dear friends’ wedding and I came up with the idea of making her a wedding quilt. Myself! “It couldn’t be so difficult” I thought, though I never made a single stitch in my life. That day was the first day I sat in front of the sewing machine. You can imagine I had hard times with such an ambitious first project but I did it. Now I wouldn’t be so proud with the final result, but back then I thought I could make everything.
And what’s more important: I loved the process!
That was the start. I used every minute for practicing. And one day I made my first bag and felt that that‘s what I want to do every day. I started making bags and sell them at a local store and little by little the thought that I could do this for living was not so absurd.”

5plus Beige and brown leather handbag

Elegant handbag in beige and brown leather | 5plus

This may seem strange, never having sewn anything, and then suddenly getting the urge to make something, but there is a bit of a history of sewing in the family, which stopped when Capitalism caught up, and western products started coming in:

“I was raised in a communist society where buying nice, fashionable goods was impossible. I remember my mother leaning over the sewing machine trying to make nice skirts, dresses and coats for us. At that time everything was home-made and we dreamed of birthday cakes from the store. Handmade things had no value at all.
When I was grown up, and the communism was over, for a long time nobody wanted to make something for themselves as we could find everything at the store, which we were missing for so long… My mother’s sewing machine stopped “singing”.. […]

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