Candan Imrak is playing with fire

Cadan Imrak is playing with fire | Handmade in Europe

Candan Imrak is playing with fire! And it gets hot, as she needs to melt glass and silver, which happens somewhere between 700 and 1300°C. She makes glass, silver and enamel beads & jewellery, and sells these in her shop on Handmade in Europe

Glass and silver molted together by Candan Imrak on Handmade in Europe

Glass & Silver molted together

 She makes the beads using the lampwork bead techniques, believed to be dating back to the 5th century AD, and melts sterling silver into the glass beads. These are very valuable, every one is unique, the style and colors can be re-created, but the exact beads never…

Enamel creations by Candan Imrak

Mixes of enamel with glass beads

Besides the glass she also discovered enamel techniques. As she could never find the exact shades of enamel she was looking for she started to create her own, and soon discovered that with her torch she could combine the glass and enamel techniques to get the exact shades she wished.

She’s got beautiful creations in her shop here on Handmade in Europe, go have a look at her unique creations.

Enamel hoops with glass beads by Candan Imrak | Handmade in Europe

We’re preparing an in-dept interview with Candan Imrak for a later date, for now please enjoy her creations!