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Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

Bulk Edit, Help, Screen options

Recently I had to change a big amount of items and posts.Nothing big, but they had to be assigned to a different category, and, since WooCommerce now has more options for shipping I wanted to change the profiles attached to a whole bunch of items.

You may have noticed that since the last updates international shipping has profiles so you can assign eg. big, medium & small profile prices, AND you can assign a price for when you forget to set a profile, really great stuff!

Anyway, I rediscovered how handy the bulk edit, help & screen options were in WordPress, and since these are not very obvious you can look at my screens.

Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

A huge time-saver, the bulk edit option

Whether you want to change something on all pages, posts or products, the bulk edit is there for you. Select all posts, pages or products you want to change, or select all with the check box on top, select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down, and press apply. Continue reading

Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

EU VAT compliance: Downloadable product settings

Handmade in Europe is set up with the EU Vat compliance plug in, so sellers can set up downloadable products such as PDF tutorials and photo prints.

There’s a few things to set up in your WooCommerce settings, and then the rest is automatic, customers will be sent a download link on check-out, and all orders will be saved in a single VAT tax report for the EU VAT submission.

A few things to pay attention to:

Setting up EU VAT rates

Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

Import EU VAT Tax rates

Just a single press on a button will import the current EU Tax rates. Visit your WooCommerce settings page, check the Tax tab, and under the Standard rates you will have a button ‘Add/Update EU VAT rates. Click once and they will all be added for you. Save. Continue reading

Shipping classes set up example

On this post I’m sharing the set up of the shipping classes used for this site, so you have an example to start with for your own shops, and can see screenshots of every screen in the Shipping section of WooCommerce.

If you need visual guidance setting up the basics you can watch our video below, if you already watched this please read on below for more advanced shipping classes settings.

I’ve used 3 different products, small, medium & large, and have set up different shipping to my own country, Europe and the rest of the world. You can use this example to set up your own shipping, and can easily add more shipping areas or classes.
Feel free to add the items in this shop to your basket in different numbers to see how the costs differ if you select different countries in the world.

Setting up the classes


You’ll find the classes under Products – Shipping classes.
I’ve named mine Small, Medium & Big shipments, pretty self-explanatory..

Setting up shipping options

Continue reading