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Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

Bulk Edit, Help, Screen options

Recently I had to change a big amount of items and posts.Nothing big, but they had to be assigned to a different category, and, since WooCommerce now has more options for shipping I wanted to change the profiles attached to a whole bunch of items.

You may have noticed that since the last updates international shipping has profiles so you can assign eg. big, medium & small profile prices, AND you can assign a price for when you forget to set a profile, really great stuff!

Anyway, I rediscovered how handy the bulk edit, help & screen options were in WordPress, and since these are not very obvious you can look at my screens.

Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

A huge time-saver, the bulk edit option

Whether you want to change something on all pages, posts or products, the bulk edit is there for you. Select all posts, pages or products you want to change, or select all with the check box on top, select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down, and press apply. Continue reading