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Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

Change your blog page view

We’re happy to announce a new plugin to the Handmade in Europe websites with which you can set up different views on your blog page. For now it is just the free version, with the paid version (coming up after testing) you can also set the view of your shop in different formats.
We use this plugin to display the blog posts on the front page of Handmade in Europe in a row of 4, and I’ve set it up on my own page at Heymesbalticamber. And of course here as well 🙂

As a shop manager you’ll have access to make your own view, here I’ll explain how to.
You can preview, and once you are happy we’ll have to change some settings for your blog page, please contact us to install the code for you once you are done.

Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in EuropeTo start: go to your dashboard, where you’ll find the Content view settings, and choose the ‘Add New’ list item.

You will be presented with below screen. Fill in the options.


Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

By default the posts are not ordered. If you check the ‘Order & Orderby’ you’ll get the additional screen, set this to ‘Date Created’ and check ‘Desc’ to order by newest post first.

Once done go to the tab ‘Display settings’ at the top for the blog page view options.

Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

I’ve set up all as Grid. You can choose how many posts you want in a row, if you have a full page available without sidebars you can go up to 4 posts.
You can hide the content, so only thumbnail photo and Title are showing, size of the photo (this will adapt to your page size), and you can select how much of the text you want to show.
On the bottom do not forget to check the Pagination Enable checkbox, otherwise you will not get the option to go to the next page.
Here you can also set how many posts per page you want to show.

There is an ‘Update preview’ button, with this you can see how your blog page view will look on your page.

Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

Once you are satisfied, save your view, and you’ll get a shortcode which you can paste in any of your pages. This will then show your blog page view.
You can enter this on any page, you can also make more views, so for example if you would like to show the latest 3 posts on your about page you can make a specific view for this and add the shortcode on that page.

No images showing?

If you see no images in your blog page view you need to set a featured image.

Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

Edit your post, and check in the bottom right, there is a ‘Set featured image’ link. Pick an image from your media library or upload a new one, set this as featured image, and you are done! (The Pro-version will try to get a photo from your post automatically).

You can also follow these instructions on our video tutorial:


If you want to use your view on your blog page please Contact Us, include your shortcode in the message, and we’ll set it up on you website for you asap!