Setting up your site

Tracking visitor statistics with Google Analytics - Handmade In Europe Manuals

Google Analytics

A recent site speed and loading time analysis showed that the visitor statistic plugin I was using was taking up ...
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Basic dashboard settings | Handmade in Europe

Logging in and dashboard

Log in to your dashboard using the URL given with your unique shop name, name & password. This shows your ...
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SEO Search Engine Optimization plug-in

On every page, post and product you’ll find a block for SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This is so you can ...
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Add and edit pages | Handmade in Europe

Editing your pages

Your pages and menu have already been set up for you, including an about you, blog & contact page. All  ...
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Create tiled gallery step 2 | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding images and media

Adding images can be done from the library (from Media in the left menu), or when editing a page or ...
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Add photos to tiled gallery | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding a photo gallery

  To add a photo gallery to your galley page you insert Media as you do in normal posts, but ...
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Set up shipping | Handmade in Europe

WooCommerce settings, setting up your shop options

Before you add any items to your shop you'll need to go through the WooCommerce Settings to set up your ...
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Adding or editing posts | Handmade in Europe

Publishing posts

Posts are the items that end up in your blog, last one on top, and work much the same as ...
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Set up shipping | Handmade in Europe

Setting up shipping options

Shipping classes can be used to group products of similar type. These groups can then be used by certain shipping ...
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Setting up your Woocommerce shop | Handmade in Europe

Adding products to your shop

Finally, you got this far, now the fun part can commence. Adding a product is much like adding a post, ...
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Link variables | Handmade in Europe

Product attributes – variables

If you have a product with different versions (colour, size etc.) you can provide these in a drop-down to your ...
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How to handle your orders

You received your first order! Yes! Now how to check and handle these? I’m going to direct you to the ...
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subscriber plugin | handmade in Europe

Email subscriber plugin

Your site comes with an automatic Email Subscriber field for people who’d like to be notified in case of news ...
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Change contact for email address

Changing the Email address for the contact form

Your contact form on your site has been set up with the email address you registered with. In case you ...
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Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

EU VAT compliance: Downloadable product settings

Handmade in Europe is set up with the EU Vat compliance plug in, so sellers can set up downloadable products ...
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