Picasa folder view - select all

Compress and resize photos in bulk with free resources

Most of us when visiting a website or webshop want to have the pages loading quickly, anything above 3 seconds is already perceived as being really slow, and will score minus points on your SEO RANKING. The biggest issue of websites is mostly the images and videos that need to load.

To reduce the loading time and save space on your website it is recommended that you crop, compress and resize your photos. Often these are above 1000px and can take up several MegaBytes of space, especially when having professional products photos.
There is no need to have huge photos on your site, (unless offered for printing purposes), most of our own photos used are well under 100kb (= 10% of 1MB).

There is a great free tool available from Google for you with which you edit your photos, and, more importantly to save you LOTS of time and effort, a bulk exporter to compress and resize  photos with a few clicks: GOOGLE PICASA.

After you download and install Picasa you can view all photos in your folders, if you have many photos you may want to switch to smaller thumbnails under folder – View.

Picasa folder view - select all

Picassa folder view, Select photos to optimize for the web

To optimize your photos for the web in bulk you select all photos you want to compress and resize, either with holding the Ctrl button (windows) and select them one by one, or by holding the Shift button while selecting the first and last photo in a row.
Then press on the ‘Export’ link on the bottom.

Compress and resize photo settings

Recommended export options in Picasa for resizing photos

To resize photos to the recommended format select an export location on your disc, and select the button that says to adapt format. 800 pixels is ok, this will count for the width of the photo. You can use the slider to make them bigger or smaller.
To compress set the quality to Adjusted, and again use the slider to change the default 85, anywhere between 60 and 80 is still good to very good quality.
And lastly you can add a watermark automatically to all photos when exporting, a good way to brand yourself, so that when your photos are shared your name will still be visible.

Now press export, and you are ready to load all photos to your library.
Do remember to give your photos good tags and alt text for the Search engines, SEE OUR POST ON SEO on the importance of this.