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Tracking visitor statistics with Google Analytics - Handmade In Europe Manuals

Google Analytics

A recent site speed and loading time analysis showed that the visitor statistic plugin I was using was taking up ...
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Embed Youtube video and adapt code for mobile devices | Handmade in Europe Manuals

Embed YouTube video, and how to adjust video for mobiles

Our YouTube playlist with wordpress video manuals is slowly getting filled up nicely, but when you insert videos into your ...
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Import your email in Gmail

Do you have a private email linked to your website, but don't want to use different applications and mailboxes to ...
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Content view - blog post view plugin | Handmade in Europe

Change your blog page view

We're happy to announce a new plugin to the Handmade in Europe websites with which you can set up different ...
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Bulk edit options | Handmade in Europe

Bulk Edit, Help, Screen options

Recently I had to change a big amount of items and posts.Nothing big, but they had to be assigned to ...
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Setting up EU VAT compliance | handmade in Europe tips & tricks

EU VAT compliance: Downloadable product settings

Handmade in Europe is set up with the EU Vat compliance plug in, so sellers can set up downloadable products ...
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Have a nice holiday | Handmade in Europe

Holiday mode

It is that time of the year again... putting your webshop in holiday mode is a FAQ. There is no ...
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Adding a simple category menu on your WooCommerce Shop page | Handmade In Europe tips & tricks

Add a simple category menu

On Handmade In Europe the categories have already been pre-defined so in the future we can automate a search on ...
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Add photos to tiled gallery | Handmade in Europe Tips

Adding a tiled photo gallery

Ever wondered how to simply and quickly create a tiled photo gallery as on MY AMBER SITE? We have a ...
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Picasa folder view - select all

Compress and resize photos in bulk with free resources

Most of us when visiting a website or webshop want to have the pages loading quickly, anything above 3 seconds ...
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