Ceramic pod art, food art series


This is part of my pods series, inspired by nature, and belongs to my food art series.

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ceramic pepper, home decor, ceramic pod art

This is part of my pods series, inspired by nature.
This ceramic piece is entirely hand-built, I haven’t used any molds nor a potter’s wheel.
It is made out of gray clay body, to achieve the unique effect its surface has been carved, bisque fired and then covered with oxides, all of them home-made according to my own recipes. The piece has been fired multiple times to different temperatures, and is very smooth to the touch.

25 cm wide  x 8 cm wide (9.84 x 3.15 inch)

Gray clay body .
Black dry oxide glazing on the indents and stem.
The piece is signed on the bottom.

This piece is meant for decoration only, it should not be put in contact with food.

It can very well be used as a fancy paper weight.

More of my food art can be found here.

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