About Jagna Birecka

jagnabI have been into art ever since I can remember, have done university courses in sculpture, fine art photography and ceramics.

I have got an MA degree in architecture and used to work in that profession for years. I chose to study architecture because it is combining art and science in such a great way. 
I am fascinated by structure, textures, lines, materials, and the way these all work together, something you will find back in all my pieces, both the ceramics and the jewelry.

I mix my own glazes, and like to experiment with firing these at different temperatures.
I am displayed permanently in the Galleria Mayak Art House in Bielsko-Biala, in the south of Poland, where I also organize workshops in ecological jewelry making, polymer clay and ceramics.

You can enter my ceramics shop HERE

I also create jewellery pieces in Polymer clay which you can find here:

June 2012 – Oognblik Art Fair – Sint Amands, Belgium, with Ben Nys & Heyme Langbroek
March 2014 – Mayak Art House – Solo exhibition Ceramics & Polymer art
September 2014 – Mayak Art House – Polymer art event & exhibition, with Stéphanie Kilgast & Izabela Nowak