Planting trees for every online order - Heyme

Planting trees to balance the online business

I was thinking on how to reduce my footprint. This year I'm trying to bring out positive actions, following the ...
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Traditional Dutch Apple pie recipe - Heyme

Traditional Dutch Apple pie

My latest handmade product photo was very popular, and there were many requests for a DIY description. No, this is ...
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Combining amber with black - Heyme

Combining amber with black

So, one of my good intentions was to throw some new creations into my shop. We have a work space, ...
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David Bowie. R.I.P.

David Bowie, my big source of inspiration in life

Those who  know me or read my about page will know that music is a huge part in my life ...
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Good intentions, reduce trash, smoke less

Reduce trash, smoke less

I have a few new people I very much look up to, and wanted to tell you about them, as ...
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Workspace and light

I've been looking forward to writing this post for the last 2 1/2 years... As you may know if you ...
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Amber mining - HeymesBalticAmber

About amber mining

Today a post on Amber mining, where does amber come from? There are small deposits of amber everywhere globally, but ...
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Oil painting by Ben Nys

Art to save my sanity

It's been a while since my last post. This is because finally, after more than 2 years after moving in ...
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Castles in Poland, part 2, Middle and North

This is part 2 on my posts on castles in Poland, part 1 can be found here. The most famous ...
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DIY Cardboard necklace display | Heyme

DIY Cardboard necklace display

Cardboard necklace display I needed some simple, sharp-looking displays to present my necklaces. We have a few traditional busts to ...
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Castles of Poland, Niedzica Castle | Heyme

History of Poland: Castles of Poland, Part 1, the South

In my History of Poland series the numerous castles of Poland cannot be ignored. Today part 1, where I'll highlight ...
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Butterscotch and turquoise earrings | HeymesBalticAmber

Amber and turquoise inspiration

Amber and turquoise inspiration Autumn comes a bit earlier, and spring a bit later in Poland as I'm used to ...
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