Baltic amber polished piece

About me

Heyme at HeymesbalticamberIntroduction

My name is Heyme.
I am Dutch from origin, but have been traveling extensively through Europe, living in Belgium for nearly 20 years, and settled down in Poland recently.

Baltic amber

Obviously amber is one of my interests. How this all started you can read on my blogpost here.
I love to keep things natural, I just like the amber pieces as they are, every single one is different and unique, and why should I try to make them all look the same? I don’t think that is the purpose of creating something handmade and unique..

I like to mix with other semi-precious stones, I just can’t resist when I visit mineral fairs, but amber always remains my focus. I got my first amber piece 8 years ago, and have been fascinated ever since.
amber6I get my bigger amber pieces in a raw state form the Baltic area, and sand, drill, polish and cut these myself.

Unique art and webdesign

My interests were always wide, I just like to know about things. Besides making jewellery I work on graphic and web-design.
This site, and all other sites under this platform Handmade In Europe were made by me & my wife, who is a gifted artist with an architectural education, who is fascinated by forms and patterns.
I always appreciated unique art, and had the luck to see and meet lots of very special artists.
We opened a contemporary art gallery in the south of Poland, Mayak Art House, where we promote and sell art for European artists, and noticed the many artists we know hardly had any proper websites to promote themselves, and sell independently from the many market places available, where there art got lost in the many offers.
To fill that gap we can offer them their own websites on this platform.


In my years in Belgium I had a moderate income out of music. I play the trumpet, tenor saxophone, guitar and have a deep singing voice. I was playing in several bands, Kiss My Jazz and Lionall Horrowitz and his combo, which are related to an independent record label, Heaven Hotel Presents, which worked much like Andy Warhol’s NY factory, there was a group of people who inspired one another, and were involved with making music, movies and other art forms. We were not so much interested in the commercial aspect, more about the mood of things.

I still occasionally still play live, I love getting together with a bunch of musicians and just jam. For the rest my guitar is always withing hand-reach in my living room.

Of course there’s more that makes me tick, you can keep updated on my blog on this site, or onĀ  Handmade in Europe.