About me

IMG_2879   Hi! Here you are at “Blue Margarita”. The name of the shop is not accidental…

  “Blue” because it is one of my favourite colours, the colour of the aegean sea and of the open skies. “Margarita”, because as a flower reminds me of the spring meadows and as a coctail is bringing memories of hanging out with my friends. And after all Margarita is my name!

I’m enjoying making jewelry and always trying my best to create quality items, addressed to creative, imaginative and spirited people all over the world. The possibility to communicate and exchange things throughout earth is, by itself, a great experience.

I enjoy working with metals, especially silver, gemstones and earthy, ecofriendly materials. Additionally I love making ethnic, boho chic colorful pieces of jewelry with materials carefully selected from all over the world, and especially Africa and Asia. Living in Greece, and especially, during the summer at Santorini island, I was lucky to get inspired by the greek culture and the aegean colors, shades and images!

On the making process:
Each and every piece is designed and made by me in my studio in Athens, Greece. I use traditional silversmithing techniques and tools. I mostly work with sterling silver wire and sheet. Other metals, such as brass or copper, are used in combination with silver, since I love mixing metals. I prefer simple, minimal designs. Sometimes, I start working on a piece without having nothing in my mind, just experimenting… Handmade pieces are time consuming to make, but they are unique and one-of-a-kind. Even if I make twice the same design, they will not be 100% identical.

Love being here, at HIE, among other talented European artists. I appreciate that HIE was created with a significant goal: to present and promote handmade items, to reinforce creativity!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question and I would be grateful if you send me your impression on my pieces. Hope to enjoy your tour through out my pages.

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Greetings from Greece!