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Summer is here…

Summer is almost here (hurray) and as I recently purchased some very nice bright hides – yellow, green, purple, I decided to make a mini summer collection of tote bags. I wanted the accent to be on the summer colors so the design should be something simple, almost without decoration .
I very rarely make unlined bags, because as every woman I need many pockets to put all the useful things I’m always carrying with me – a screwdriver or Christmas card, or charger for the broken long ago mobile phone:).

But summer bags are the only ones that look perfect without lining, plus this will lower the price of the bag, because making a lining  is practically sewing a second bag.

I choose very simple design just for the front pocket, which a carefully hand cut. Simple bag shape, some rivets and eyelets and… ta da – the first tote is ready and available in my HIE shop!
Kristinagreen1_hie green2_hie 4hie

2 thoughts on “Summer is here…

  1. Absolutely fantastic bag and colors!!!

  2. Love the colour! Could very well have a nice jacket in this leather…

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